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The Other Side

This project is an immersion in urban art, which is marginal art and is not tied to any aesthetic standard. Thus, urban art is considered free art, being the maximum expression of society and being a citizen. For this purpose, the visual system of an art exhibition by the artist Jason Roose was developed. The project is a stylistic portrait of the human eye in a dirty world, always learning, always evolving, and always trying to purify itself through sources of inspiration.

Following an urban mixed-media style, the visual system is composed of graffiti textures that connect artworks filled with everyday things, such as graffiti walls and crumbling cities; it has a bit of realism and garbage, nature and abstract, humanity, past, present, and future.

Year: 2021

Categories: Branding, Web Design, Design System, Environmental System, Print Design

Deliverables: Poster series, flag banners, wall graphics, brochure, Web Site

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