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The Best of the Worst

The Best of the Worst project explores the violent universe that exists in the mind of director Quentin Tarantino. Focusing on the audience's experience, the visual system was developed that connects the festival's theme to the director's identity that the stylized violence in his films goes beyond the question of reality to become an art that we like to see and feel good about.

The festival has a visual approach inspired by Pop Art culture, which is characterized by connecting its audience through signs and symbols taken from mass culture and everyday life.

The "Best of the Worst" brand is focused on showing a cinema with its own identity. full of allusions, and references. signs and symbols that are part of mass culture. The festival will use digital and print media to reach its target audience. The visual system was developed to connect the festival's theme and the director's style, such as logos, posters, DVD programs, flying logos, movie tickets, a website, a mobile app, a badge, gifts, and a box to present.

Year: 2022

Categories: Branding, UX Design, Design System, Environmental System, Print Design

Deliverables: Poster series, flag banners, DVD programs, flying logos wall graphics, brochure, mobile app, a badge, gifts

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